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Mother-ease Big pantalons de formation denfant Fin M

24,99 €
  • Look more like underwear
  • Slim Fit
  • Soft Absorbent
  • Leakproof
  • Promote Potty Training
  • Designed to catch little accidents 
  • Keeps clothes dry when you cant get to the potty in time
  • Wet feel, discouraging future accidents

Our Big Kid training pants are designed for a slim big kid underwear look and feel with the leak-proof protection needed for accidents.The absorbent inner is made from our velvety soft, super absorbent Bamboo Terry that offers the absorbency needed and wet feel to discourage future accidents. The outer layer is made from our leakproof polyester cover fabric.New soft binding and elastics provide the independence your child needs to pull up and down!

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  • At the early stages of toilet training these waterproof pants ensure that there are no puddles, if he/she does not get to the toilet in time. They will hold a full wee quite reliably until your child gets to the toilet, if necessary it will even hold it for longer. Ideal for use at nursery, for example.

    Especially perfect for a child who is basically dry at night, but feels unconfident about going to bed without some form of protection.

    Why Choose Big Kid Training Pants
    • Velvety soft and super absorbent Bamboo
    • Looks just like Big Kid underwear
    • Waterproof "Just in case"
    • Easy to pull up and pull down
    Washing Instructions:
    1. Turn inside out
    2. Pre-rinse
    3. Wash with hot water ad quality detergent
    4. Line or tumble dry on medium or low
    5. No laundry additives
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    Size Guide:

    Small: 25-33 ibs
    Medium: 33-40 ibs
    Large: 40-48 ibs

    Slim fitting and sized for a perfect fit.