Petit Oh!

The Petit Oh! collection is designed in Barcelona and features cute and easy to wear clothes, to make life softer for babies and easier for parents.
Petit Oh! believe that babys delicate skin needs a gentle and breathable cotton, especially during the first year.
Petit Oh! garments are made from Peruvian Pima cotton, known as the best cotton in the world.
Thanks to Pima cotton Petit Oh! have been able to cuddle thousands of babies since 2005.
Pima cotton is an extreme high quality variety of cotton grown in Peru for more than 5000 years. Pima cotton fibre is very fine and long which leads to a soft, delicate and resistant fabric.
Grown in the humid northern valleys of Peru, Pima cotton produces a natural wax that covers its fibres and gives them a brilliant lustre and exceptional softness.
Unlike other varietys of cotton, Pima is harvested entirely by hand avoiding scratchy impurities and improving cottons softness.

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