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Close Parent Pop-in Single Nappy Bamboo Fox

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  • The award-winning Close Pop-in Single Nappy Printed Bamboo is here! This reusable nappy from Close is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable nappies!

    Save the world- reuse your nappy!
    Comfortable, breathable & protects against leaks
    Long lasting, from birth to potty age!
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    The Pop-In nappy has stretchy tabs to ensure a snug fit around your baby, just like a disposable! The nappy has a soft waterproof shell that lets baby's bottom breathe and a clever absorbent panel in the outer shell which will help to hold any wetness in the middle of the nappy to get extra dry time between changes.

    Bamboo is a luxurious, comfortable material that is naturally antibiotic, breathable and incredibly absorbent. It's highly recommended for parents concerned about sensitive and allergy prone skin.

    These nappies grow with baby, which means you can simply adjust the poppers on the front as your child gets bigger. They are suitable from birth to potty (from around 3.18kg to 16kg and have a soft, elasticated waistline and double leg gusset to make your little one feel comfortable and protect against leaks at any size or age. The soaker and booster are removable for variable absorbency and faster drying.

    Pop-In's are really easy to care for, there's no soaking required. You simply have to wash on a 60?c wash. Tumble drying is not recommended but the inner can be tumble dried occasionally if necessary. These printed nappies come in a variety of adorable designs to suit your style.