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Mother-ease Couvercle réglable Assistant Duo Tweet One Size

16,79 €
  • Absorbent insert snaps into waterproof cover
  • Fully elasticised waist and legs
  • Creating the first line of defence
  • Reuse cover 3-4 time before laundering
  • Secured with 6 snaps to prevent bunching
  • Second line of defence ,so leaks never happen
  • Waterproof PUL layer on inside
  • Air dries quickly to reuse 3-4 times
  • Soft ,wick resistant binding
  • Eliminates leakage

With an adjustable snap rise snap to shorten and lengthen the Duo Cover for a trim fit at any age. The absorbent Duo Insert snaps into the Adjustable Duo Cover using 6 snaps, for a secure leak-free fit!

Fully elasticised waist, both in the front and back, for a comfortable stretchy fit. The Duo Cover can be reused a number of times by snapping in a clean Duo Insert.

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  • Wizard Duo Adjustable Cover

    The Wizard Duo is the leader in All in Two Cloth Nappies - simple, absorbent and leak-free!

    Simply snap the absorbent Duo Insert into our waterproof Duo Cover and it becomes as convenient to use as an All-in-One but much more economical. Fewer covers are needed because the Duo Cover can be reused a number of times before laundering!

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    How to Adjust:
    One Size Adjustable Duo Cover: 10-35 ibs
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    Small Adjustable Duo Cover: 8-18 ibs
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    Large Adjustable Duo Cover: 18-35 ibs
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