Moltex Nappies Size 2 Mini Bio (3 x 42)

  • For Babies From 3-6kg
  • Noticeably dry 3-layers for fast absorption
  • Elasticated waistbands ensure a perfect fit.
  • Completely breathable clothing protection film
  • Dermatologically tested on an ongoing basis
  • First eco nappy in the world for over 20 years
  • Environmentally friendly production

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  • INFO
  • Moltex Size 2 Mini 3-6kg

    About Moltex

    The MOLTEX nature no.1 nappies have been a firm favourite with parents all over the world over the last 40 years. Made of biodegradable and skin friendly materials, it is friendly for both the environment and you baby's sensitive skin.

    MOLTEX, the branded product with a long tradition, introduced the first eco nappy to the world already in 1991. MOLTEX nature no.1 is the only response to the demand for responsible products and innovative advances. Support and promote an environmentally friendly range. Your customers will thank you for it!


    Sustainable Origins
    Environmentally friendly production

    40-50% renewable resources
    100% chlorine-free absorbent core, FSC-certified


    First eco nappy in the world for over 20 years
    Experts in baby hygiene for over 50 years

    Comfort stretch

    The elasticated waistbands ensure a perfect fit.

    Noticeably Dry

    3-layered no.1 absorber for fast absorption of the liquid
    Added tealeaf extracts bind odorous substances.
    The extra soft non-woven cover is made of 40% renewable raw materials.

    Noticeably kind to skin

    Completely breathable clothing protection film
    Free of natural latex, free of fragrances

    Tea leaf extract added to the absorbent core, which neutralizes odours, is something new. MOLTEX does not use natural latex, because it is believed to trigger allergies. Of course, MOLTEX nature no.1 is also free from lotions and perfumes, exactly what you would expect from natural baby hygiene.

    Changing nappies becomes great fun with the Lazy Bears.

    The Lazy Bears accompany the parents and child with their many hilarious themes from the colourful world of bears. The droll cuddly bears make sure that there is a new surprise to look forward to in every packet. From Newborn up to XL nappies, and even in the jumbo packs, the Lazy Bears give you something to smile about or tell a fun bearish story on every nappy.

    Sustainable, ecological, professional

    Up to 50% of the raw materials used in MOLTEX nature no. 1 are renewable. Moltex uses cellulose derived from wood and guarantee that the cellulose processed in our products comes from sustainable forestry operations involving continual reforestation.

    Our renewable raw materials are certified by the FSC seal.

    Is FSC a tropical wood certification?

    The FSC certificate applies to all types of wood and is recognized world-wide.

    Non-woven cover

    The non-woven cover also contains 40% renewable raw materials.